Thursday, 3 August 2017

PassiveIncome of July2017

Dear reader,
July was great . summer is always fun. There were fireworks. There was great fun walking the trails. 

Then I added a $1000 to the RRSP. 
Now, it is time to check the dividends. 
Together we made total of $250.88 in dividends. 

I bought 64 shares of Pizza Pizza Royalty corp. The dividends not started yet. Hope to start receiving them in August though.
The big achievement is this: I got enough dividend to do DRIP on TD. So, an extra share with no trading cost. 

I also started another blog, where I can talk about dentistry. Guess, you already know that I work as an assistant to dentists and it is my main source of income. 
I am searching for another passive income ideas. Recently found Lending Loop, which is a Canadian peer to peer lending platform.
Do you have any other passive income ideas? 


  1. We make rent (lower than market value) from my Mom living in the condo we own. She is low income and we wanted a way for her to be close to us while investing in real estate. We charge her lower than normal rent in a really nice building and she knows she can afford it as long as she lives there. It works for both of us. It is two blocks away. It pays for all the taxes/bills of the condo plus gives us about $4000 a year passive income. I don't want to be a regular landlord though, too many headaches. We have stock in our RRSPs and right now all the dividends stay there. Not passive but I enjoy buying things at garage sales and reselling them. Make a little money on the side doing that.

    1. Buying things from garage sales and selling them for a profit is a good idea. Glad that you can own a property and have mom to live close to you.

  2. Lending Loop, dividend income, and real estate renting income are all great ideas.
    How about trying to monetize this blog? Or better yet, offer a service of some kind in the field of your expertise (pet grooming, dental quotes perhaps..?, tax filing, etc.) that has a huge potential to grow. The key here is doing something by starting small but has a huge potential to grow.


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