Friday, 29 September 2017

Adding more BCE stocks.

Hi all,
I mentioned in the previous post about buying BCE shares.  I got them for $57.83/share. That might bring a little more increase in my passive income by next year. 

BCE is the largest telecommunication company in Canada. According to Wikipedia it is owner of several toronto based sports franchises. That is good too. 

The dividend yield is 4.9% according to Google finances. That is really nice. BCE has increased dividends for several consecutive years. They increased dividends in 2017 as well. Now the dividend will be about 72 cents /share and will be given 4 times an year. that means, annual dividend of $3.68/share. Since I bought the new shares only in September, it may not give any particular increase in this year. But, I am expecting about $100 increase in my passive income with this purchase.

 I might need more shares to do the DRIP though. with every investment, I can see myself getting closer to financial independence. 

Are you interested in becoming financially free? If so, what are you doing to achieve your goal?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

This weeks efforts to be Financially Free

Hi all,
Even though last week I mentioned about not eating out, end up in doing one take out dinner. But, I can forgive myself because it was to celebrate a successful event in life.

We got a lot of free veggies this week. We got a big big bag of tomatoes from Walmart for $1. 
Then I got the free tomatoes along with grapes and peppers. 

We finished the grapes without much trouble. Thanks to my friends backyard gardening. The hot peppers are in the freezer. I froze some tomatoes too. 

I always wanted to try making pasta sauce. found this tomato sauce recipe from It is just a basic one. I added one grated zucchini and carrot also in the sauce. I was able to buy canned pasta sauce for $0.99 before. Now it costs $1.29. This batch is about two and three cans of sauce. 

To increase the dividend income, I bought few more shares of BCE
this week. That sure will be good help to achieve financial freedom and to increase the passive income. 

There are two more days to finish the work week. So, how you guys are doing by midweek? 

Potatoes are going to be on sale in the fall, right? How to preserve them? Can we freeze the mashed potatoes?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

dividend investing blogs

Hi All,
I got a few free hours to surf the net this week. It is very interesting to read comments on the other financial blogs. It is a good opportunity to discover other blogs out there as well.

One click leads to another. There are lot more interesting blogs to read.  Some of the interesting ones I found are listed below.

Hope, you will love them as well. Do you follow any of them through email?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

This weeks efforts for Financial independence

Hi all,

Like many bloggers out there, I also have this dream of becoming financially independent one day. But I got this idea and started actively working on it only last year.

I am not very keen on budgeting every penny going out.
My goal is to save $2000 per month. I am almost there now.

Last year itself, we started DIY investing with our RRSP and TFSA. They are not yet maximized.

I am going to look my activities week by week.

I baked a loaf of bread with my bread maker. I bought the flour from Bulk barn.

Then we bought two big bags of beetroots and one big bag of carrots. The beetroots are already in the freezer. The carrots has to be prepped and cubed before freezing.

we are  planning to have home cooked meals for this all week. I am going to make some home made yoghurt as well.

I am on the look out for a new job, which can pay little more. I was thinking having more than one employer is good for the cash flow. But, it cost me more on travelling. Each time i have to pay the bus fair to reach different offices. So, I will look for full time job in one place.

I started reading  book "The Education of Millionaires" by Michael Ellsberg. The book is about sales and direct marketing. I am not finished it yet. But, there are some strategies you can apply while writing your cover letter.

For inspiration I visited MMM blog. I followed the links from the comments and visited some other similar blogs too.

What are you doing this week to save money? What kind of investments you are interested in?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My first Healthcare investment

Hi all,
we are all getting old day by day. One time we may have to be in the long term care. That is scary, to think about. But truth is not always pretty and comforting. Same as future. We can prepare for it, but when it comes we have to face it.
Ok, just put aside the blues. I was looking on Motley Fool website one time and found there is a company called Extendicare, providing long term care services. Further research shows that they provide retirement living, long term care, and help to live in your own home with assistance. 
As a dividend investor, I found that the company gives dividends too. It is a Canadian company and longterm care business is not going to be affected by economy. It gives a dividend yield of 5% and the dividends are paid monthly. 
So, that is what I added in my portfolio this month: Extendicare, EXE, @tsx. That will give a dividend of 0.04cents per share every month. Let us see if I will get enough dividends to DRIP. so, hopefully I am getting a bit more closer to financial independence. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Lessons School forgot to teach us

The Lessons School Forgot: How to Hack Your Way Through the Technology Revolution is a book by Steve Sammartino.

I finished the book in one week. At the beginning he says about how he worked in a factory and how the factory made the workers to keep working to have high productivity. It is funny and entertaining to read.
Sammartino argues that we are all entrepreneurs even though we are really employees working for some one or some company. Just a shift in mindset can make a huge difference in our attitude. With that shift in attitude, we can think of our boss as our customer. In a business, we need more customers. So, why you have to be happy with just one boss.? More than one employer is always better, if we think about it.
We can have more side hustles/projects. It may take a long time and effort to make your own passion to generate an income. But, keep working on it, is the key to make it a success.

Schools are really preparing us to obey the rules, like get a degree, find a job, and save some money to retire.
In this book, you can find new ways of thinking to change the attitude of the boring ways of life.
I really loved reading this book.  As a result of it, I am going to start making a list of book s I am reading. According to Sammartino, most book s can be finished in seven or eight hours. At least one book a month is possible for me.
If you are interested in reading the blog of this Australian futurist and technologist, his blog is here.

Now is your turn: share with me what are you reading now. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

August 2017 Passive income

Wow! September it is! Schools are open.
There are no more lazy summer days. 
It is time to look back on August. 

I didn't catch the down moments on the stock market. Life was kind of busy, with some summer activities. I had a balcony garden for the first time. I found out that I cannot be bothered with watering the plants some days. I was drooling over eggplants when we bought the little plants. But, they proved to be not good and bugs were all over them. The peppers are a good option. They didn't get that many bugs. The crop was also fine. I have a big bag of them in the freezer. Got one hot pepper plant inside now. I hope, it will last for at least one more month inside.

Talking about passive income, it is a bit less than that of July: yet I received $223.82. It is still much bigger than last August's passive incomeThis year, till now, I got 1701.26 in passive income.