Friday, 29 September 2017

Adding more BCE stocks.

Hi all,
I mentioned in the previous post about buying BCE shares.  I got them for $57.83/share. That might bring a little more increase in my passive income by next year. 

BCE is the largest telecommunication company in Canada. According to Wikipedia it is owner of several toronto based sports franchises. That is good too. 

The dividend yield is 4.9% according to Google finances. That is really nice. BCE has increased dividends for several consecutive years. They increased dividends in 2017 as well. Now the dividend will be about 72 cents /share and will be given 4 times an year. that means, annual dividend of $3.68/share. Since I bought the new shares only in September, it may not give any particular increase in this year. But, I am expecting about $100 increase in my passive income with this purchase.

 I might need more shares to do the DRIP though. with every investment, I can see myself getting closer to financial independence. 

Are you interested in becoming financially free? If so, what are you doing to achieve your goal?


  1. BCE is considered a "blue chip" stock - it can't fail. Good choice!


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