Thursday, 21 September 2017

This weeks efforts for Financial independence

Hi all,

Like many bloggers out there, I also have this dream of becoming financially independent one day. But I got this idea and started actively working on it only last year.

I am not very keen on budgeting every penny going out.
My goal is to save $2000 per month. I am almost there now.

Last year itself, we started DIY investing with our RRSP and TFSA. They are not yet maximized.

I am going to look my activities week by week.

I baked a loaf of bread with my bread maker. I bought the flour from Bulk barn.

Then we bought two big bags of beetroots and one big bag of carrots. The beetroots are already in the freezer. The carrots has to be prepped and cubed before freezing.

we are  planning to have home cooked meals for this all week. I am going to make some home made yoghurt as well.

I am on the look out for a new job, which can pay little more. I was thinking having more than one employer is good for the cash flow. But, it cost me more on travelling. Each time i have to pay the bus fair to reach different offices. So, I will look for full time job in one place.

I started reading  book "The Education of Millionaires" by Michael Ellsberg. The book is about sales and direct marketing. I am not finished it yet. But, there are some strategies you can apply while writing your cover letter.

For inspiration I visited MMM blog. I followed the links from the comments and visited some other similar blogs too.

What are you doing this week to save money? What kind of investments you are interested in?


  1. I pretty much emptied out my TFSA savings account to buy a used car. I am able to save $1000/month from my pensions so will replace that money fairly quickly. I also have a TFSA GIC at a locked in rate. I like that I don't have to claim my interest on income tax form :)

  2. Really nice that you can save $1000/month from pension.

  3. Hello Pellrider,
    Thanks for swinging by my blogspot. I started investing at 35. So, it is never too late mate. I wish you the best.

  4. Wow nice pell! Curious what do you think a loaf of bread costs you now? Investing 2k a month is fantastic! Keep it up

  5. Wow nice pell! Curious what do you think a loaf of bread costs you now? Investing 2k a month is fantastic! Keep it up

    1. WishI know exact cost! But, my bread is whole wheat and thee are no preservatives. I love the taste and smell of fresh bread.


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