Wednesday, 27 September 2017

This weeks efforts to be Financially Free

Hi all,
Even though last week I mentioned about not eating out, end up in doing one take out dinner. But, I can forgive myself because it was to celebrate a successful event in life.

We got a lot of free veggies this week. We got a big big bag of tomatoes from Walmart for $1. 
Then I got the free tomatoes along with grapes and peppers. 

We finished the grapes without much trouble. Thanks to my friends backyard gardening. The hot peppers are in the freezer. I froze some tomatoes too. 

I always wanted to try making pasta sauce. found this tomato sauce recipe from It is just a basic one. I added one grated zucchini and carrot also in the sauce. I was able to buy canned pasta sauce for $0.99 before. Now it costs $1.29. This batch is about two and three cans of sauce. 

To increase the dividend income, I bought few more shares of BCE
this week. That sure will be good help to achieve financial freedom and to increase the passive income. 

There are two more days to finish the work week. So, how you guys are doing by midweek? 

Potatoes are going to be on sale in the fall, right? How to preserve them? Can we freeze the mashed potatoes?


  1. Nice work on the tomatoes!! They are so expensive in the winter - good to have them ready to go. When I had a garden we froze a bunch or made sauce and froze that. As for the potatoes, yes, you can freeze them. Shredded are good for hash browns, or cubed and you can make them mashed later. Just make sure to blanch them before freezing. :)

  2. Thanks Miss Mazuma. I will try freezing potatoes after blanching.

  3. I've never tried freezing mashed potatoes but I buy them and leave them in my garage as it is cool in fall and winter without freezing. They last months that way in the dark.


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