Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Courses to be a Millionaire

Hi all,
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? Having enough money to pay for all the bills. Then there are assets that continue to generate income, while you are doing the things you really love?

Think that you just given a correct formula for success, and you are following it. That will be really nice. 
While we were just starting out school, our parents told us to study really well, work hard to earn good marks and go to college to find a job to make money. We just followed that advice only to discover that is not the way to riches.

Now, think of a college course which is going to teach you to be a millionaire!
I just wish, if there is something like that... 

In reality, many college dropouts are changing the world. The ones with academic excellence are working for the college dropouts.

We know Microsoft, Apple, Facebook etc. All those started with the vision of their founders. They acted upon their vision. Ordinary people were chasing the dreams while those successful people were working out on their ideas. 

Recently I found a book at the library: "The education of the Millionaires" by Michael Ellsberg. I was intrigued by the title. In this book he tells that colleges are not teaching us to be rich. They teach us to be law obeying workers. 
I was thinking, but, we need doctors, engineers nurses and teachers. The education system creates all of those professionals. But, they are not creating successful entrepreneurs, according to the author. 

Can it be true? 

I found that Canadian universities are giving a lot of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. While Peter Thiel of PayPal gives $100,000 for students to get out of school and to start business, Michael Baum gives same amount for students to stay in school and  start business. 

Michael Ellsberg's book is very interesting to read. He did interview a lot of successful college dropouts for this book. Ellsberg shows how building your own brand and mastering the art of bootstrapping helped many people to be millionaires. 

I think, a university degree in the right filed can still help you to find a niche for you. Not every college dropout can become a great entrepreneur. Not every university graduate will be poor either. 

What is your thoughts? How you made your fortune in this world? What kind of advice you will give to 18 year olds who just finished high school?

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