Tuesday, 3 October 2017

September 2017 Passive Income

Hi All,
October has begun. Canadian Thanksgiving is around the corner. 
I want to take a look how my passive income was doing.
I bought more shares of BCE last month. I also added some healthcare shares to my portfolio in September. 

Now let us see how much I earned in dividends. With 2 RRSPs and TFSAs and one non registered account, our total dividend income was $211.53. 
It is still less than that of August 2017, but more than that of September 2016 ($130).

I am hoping to receive more dividend income in next year though.

How was your dividend income/ passive income for September?


  1. Since I retired I've been transferring any interest earned from RSPs and GICs into my chequing account as added income but this month decided to let that money stay and continue to grow in savings vehicles.

    1. If you don't need that interest for day to day life, then let it get reinvested. It can be used for big fun projects.


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