Thursday, 12 October 2017

This weeks efforts for financial independence

Hi All,
Last weekend was thanksgiving weekend for Canada. That also means, this week is short work week. 

Long weekends are always more expensive. Last one was not an exception. Even though we didn't buy turkey, we spent money on food and alcohol. But, there was no take out except the pumpkin pie.  we bought this big pie from Costco for $5.99. It was delicious! 

I worked few extra hours and that is going to bring few bucks in. Yes, the regular frugal things, like hanging the laundry and packing lunch from home etc are continuing. 

Since we had company over the weekend, we made a lot of food. So, still there is lot of left over in the fridge.

I am still looking for other passive investment ideas. Some American blogs are talking about peer to peer lending. Not many in Canada though. Another one is solar bond. I don't understand why they charge $40 membership fee. The website says the bonds can be held in TFSA or RRSP. 
What do you guys think about the solar bond? Will you invest in such co-op opportunities? 


  1. I have never heard of solar bond. I am not keen on peer to peer lending though. We bought the costco pie too, a true bargain at $5.99 and it does taste pretty darn good. I don't make pie well so it made my life so much easier

  2. That's a new one on me too, never heard of solar bonds. You're the 3rd person whose blog I've read who bought a pumpkin at Costco! :)


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