Friday, 10 November 2017

Impulse Purchase

Hi All,
The above picture is of a nail buffer.
Of all the people, I bought it on impulse yesterday evening!
After work, I was supposed to meet with hubs at the mall. We needed to buy things from Walmart. While, I was walking towards wally's the ladies from Oro Gold stopped me by giving out some sort of free creams.
I had the experience of not getting free samples from them before. My looks may not be that of their possible customers. They usually ignore me or look away when I was looking to see what they are giving out. So, when they were offering the free bag, i was really surprised. One of them asked to see my hands and I guess, she really got surprised at the look of my nails. In my entire life time, I got manicure two times.
She just asked me do I always go "natural with nails". Of course, I do. Dental assistants are not supposed to have nail polish on them.

So, she showed me how to use their buffer to shine my nails. It looks amazing and I thought, it was really cool. They said the thing costs $10. At that time time, I was ready to try it myself and was willing to shell out 10 bucks. Now, the buffer is mine !

It makes my nail feel smoother. A little bit shiny too.

May be a frugal mistake.... It was an impulse purchase.
Some purchases are meant to make us feel awkward , right?
What was your last impulse purchase? How did that make you feel?

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  1. I don't think it is a mistake at all if they showed you how well it works then you bought it, you probably will actually use it!


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