Saturday, 4 November 2017

Price of eggs going up?

Hi All,
I went to grocery shopping today.
You may think, it is just a usual thing for working class people to do grocery shopping on Saturday.
It is unusual in my case. I work on Saturdays. Then it is hubs who do the grocery shopping. 
So, when I said, I went for grocery shopping, it is something unusual. 
We bought some fruits, veggies and chicken. I reminded him we need eggs too. For a dozen eggs, it used to be $1.99, right?
Not today. It is $2.49!!

We decided to check other stores in the coming days and not to buy them today. There are more eggs left over in the fridge. We can survive.

Why all of a sudden the eggs are more pricey? I don't have a clue. 
Do you see the prices of necessary food items are going high? 

Recently I read that Canadian  competition bureau investigating about price fixing. They are checking on the bread prices. What about other things like milk, yoghurt and eggs? 

We are not buying bread every week. It is much of a lifestyle change, not a response to the price increase. 

But, the increased price of eggs make me concerned. 

Since the price of beef is very high, we tend to reduce buying it. We are buying more veggies and legumes now a days. Last week zucchini was priced $1.29 per pound and this week it is only $1 per pound. 

Do you check the price of everyday food items or just buy what you need?

Egg is supposed to be low cost and healthy food. Easy to make too. What you think the reason for recent price hike? 

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