Thursday, 16 November 2017

The not so faulty lock

Hi All,
Last week, Thursday night to be exact, we had a problem with our door. Hubs was home in the evening. I was still at work. He couldn't open the front door as usual. It acted as if the key is not working. After couple of attempts he got it opened. Then it felt fine and he locked from inside. 
Then, later that evening, I called him to pick me up from the subway. Then he cannot open the door. There was something stuck inside the lock. He used knives and other stuff to pull the road in the middle of the lock. Then he realized, the central part of the lock, which goes in or out to lock and open, is really loose. It looked like a metal road. To make it stick inside he put some scotch tape. Worked fine. He was able to lock it, then we were able to get in too. But, it is the outside door of the condo. I was a bit worried about safety. 
So, I went and talked to the concierge about the door on Friday. The man on duty gave me locksmith's number and told me they are the ones having the master key. Condo residents can change the lock with only that company. Humm...
The locksmith company told me someone will come on Saturday. But, no one came and was not taking the phone on Saturday. So, I called back on Monday . I got an appointment for Thursday morning, 9 am. The man came today by 9.15 am. Any way, he told us we don't need to change the lock. The loosened bar in question was only there for  the aesthetics...The company designed the lock was actually saving money by not making the central road full metal. 
 See that arrow on the picture, Do you understand now? The lock can function without that. Good for me, right?
Not so good it turned out. The bill was $130 and HST was $16.90. So the total damage for not knowing the secret of the lock is $$146.90. After the locksmith left, I couldn't see the bar . I think, he might have put it in his pocket. Otherwise, I could have show you a picture too.

I am publishing this story so that some one may be able to save some money. 
Did this kind of things happen to you?


  1. I am glad that I own a house rather than a condo. With that amount of money, we can buy a new one at home depot.

  2. Thats annoying to say the least. But the piece of mind knowing your lock works is worth something i guess. Like leo said dam thats a whole new lock and handle.
    Dam condos....

  3. Yeah, the things you really have to know about condos....

  4. I live in a townhouse condo and we have the same rules but I ignored the rule when the lock on the front door fell apart. I called a locksmith and got them to change the lock. I gave my neighbour a key and as far as the condo corp. is concerned I still have the original lock. I don't like rules.


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