Tuesday, 7 November 2017

XMD: S&P/TSX completion ETF

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XMD is an ETF trades on TSX. It tracks the S&P /TSX completion index of Canadian small cap and mid cap companies. The MER is 0.61%. 
If you wanted to invest in all of the Canadian mid cap and small companies this is a good ETF to have. 
XMD holds  187 companies. financial sector is the dominant sector, but it doesn't hold any major banks. Other major sectors are energy, real estate and materials. 

I am trying to add more of the XMD to my portfolio presently. We have a small sum of money with Scotia iTrade. Hubs had the strategy of buying and selling and then conveniently forgets about the selling part most of the time. 

I insisted on holding for long time and investing on ETFs. We found that iTrade has some commission free ETFs. That is when we started buying XMD with some of the dividends we received. 

XMD also gives a quarterly distribution. the last distribution was of $0.13/unit , in September 2017. 

Are you interested in ETF investing? 

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  1. I invest exclusively in ETFs. MER of 0.61% is too high. Could you please check out FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF (VCN)?


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