Sunday, 17 December 2017

Catching up with blog

Hi all,
Guess you noticed my absence from blogging world.  The new work needs longer commute. I have to plan my days ahead of time. I am still working in dental field.
Toronto is good with buses and subway. So, I don’t have to drive. We are blessed with a great library with tons of ebooks. So, commuting is not a big problem. By the way, right now I am reading "The Confidence Code”.

There are lot of changes in dental offices. You might have noticed some changes. The instruments are coming in packages from the sterilizer. Hand sanitizers are placed at the front office as well as the treatment rooms. Your dentist is not walking around with a mask hanging below the chin. If you don’t see the dentist doing hand hygiene before putting a glove, tell them to do hand hygiene. It is to protect the patient as well as the provider.

I just finished the online courses on infection control and WHMIS.  The time invested in learning is always an investment on self, right?

Now Christmas is just one week away.  There are predictions that market is going to go up soon.

The new subway extension of Line 1 is another good news. Hopefully we will get new subway to connect Don mills and Scarborough Town Center. (May be I am overly optimistic).

Hope you are all ready for the holidays.


  1. I have a dental app't in January so I appreciate your information! Hope you have a nice holiday and hope you get a few days off work :)

    1. Thanks Jane. Yes, I have couple of days off from work.

  2. Welcome back Pell! Good idea with the ebooks. Them and podcasts help alot for the commute. Merry Christmas

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