Monday, 4 December 2017

Novemebr 2017 passive Income

November is over. Can you believe, in less than a month, we are going to bid farewell to 2017!!!
A lot happened in the last couple of months in my work life. I made  some challenging moves to enhance my career. As a result, I changed my employers. The move was financially rewarding.  Then, there is always a learning curve to be tackled with new work places.  Changes are challenging and opportunities too. 

That being said, I am spending more time out of my home during the week. I need to find time for writing blog posts. 
Any way, it is time to look on my passive income:
The total dividend income for November is $235.46. It is a little down than that of October.

The coming year, I am planning to add some American stocks to my RRSP. There is no point in adding them to TFSA because the tax is taken from your dividend income. 

I added some more shares of Shaw communications this month. There was no other buying last month.

Even though, I planned for not spending a lot for Christmas and holidays, the party month requires party dresses. There will not be much gifts to be given. Still, I can see my spending is going up for this month. 

I started reading the Dividend Girl. From there I landed on another blog by Susan Brunner. Both are worth to read regularly. they both publish a lot more posts than I do and both are knowledgeable people. I encourage my readers to follow those blogs. Hope, you are all started preparing for the holidays.


  1. Hey pell nice month. Congrats on the new job. Im sure you will do great. New jobs are always a learning curve. Are you still in the dental field?

    Nice buy of shaw. I think they will do great. Everytime i walk by their stores its packed. Their offering 10gigs data for 50 bucks a month! Their reception isnt that good at the moment from what ive heard though. They are still upgrading. Anyways great month, great buy nice moves.

  2. Congrats on the new job!! I just know you will put the added income to good use :) I am just starting Christmas preparations. Decorated the tree yesterday, trying to decide what goodies to bake.

  3. Thanks for reading the best blog of the world.
    Good job on your achievements.


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