Saturday, 23 December 2017

Right before Christmas

Hi All,
It is time for Christmas. The year is almost over. 
Usually, I will have to give some gifts for co-workers and family members. This year, I am still new at my work place. So decided not to buy any gift for anybody. Still, I got a few gifts. You  know that when you receive a gift, there is naturally a tendency to give something back. I resisted and told the giver, I didn't buy anything for anybody. That takes a lot of stress from me. Who want to be at the mall in December any way? (There is not much time left to buy online). 
Just wish, people didn't buy me anything. May be I can make a point by giving them all a copy of "Your Money or Your Life". 
Some charities will let you print a card saying you donated $$ in the name of so and so. It still is stressful to find the right charity and to donate online. 

I haven't put any money into my investment accounts in December yet. 

Loblaws is under fire for bread price fixing. I used to love the Wonder bread. When my kid started high school, I started making things other than sandwiches for lunch.It is no longer a fixed item in my weekly grocery shopping. That being said, don't you see the prices of fresh produce going higher? Even eggs are pricier than couple of months before. Are they doing price fixing on those items as well?

What your thoughts on Christmas, gift giving and the price fixing?

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