Saturday, 6 January 2018

Goals for 2018

Hi All,
2018 just started already. I just looked on my blog stats and surprised to see that I got over 1,000 views last month. So far got just over 21,000 views from the beginning until now. I am very happy to see that. For this year, my plan is to have at least 50 blog posts. 

I have 16 likes on the Facebook page. Comparing to how much time I devote for promoting the page, that is still a great achievement. 

In 2018, my plan is to maximize the TFSA before contributing to the RRSP. The next goal is to figure out how much I am gaining as interest from Lending Loop. If that is achieved, then I want to add some more money to my account. I want to make $4000 in passive income this year. 

I never announced my yearly goals before. So, this is some thing new. I will keep you posted about how things are working out. 

Dividend Girl mentioned in her post that she will be writing about budgeting some time soon. I hope, that will motivate me to make budget of my own. Let us wait and see.

While I am missing on Netflix shows, I get time to read many blogs and books. 
What are your goals for the year? 


  1. You should at least watch Black Mirror. The new season is dope. Otherwise, there's not much else that's good on Netflix these days. Lending Loop has gotten more popular and that's good to see. I like how you can see in the monthly statements a break down of the interest and fees so you can calculate how much money you're making on there.

    1. I like to see the break down of interest , fees and the capital paid back in my monthly statement. Right now, Lending Loop is not giving that break down. That bothers me.

  2. I'm still paying back my TFSA for the car purchase last year. But I also want to take a couple of trips so I might not get the savings back to what they originally were before buying the car but it'll be close.

  3. Nice goals. I especially like your blog goals. I am yet to get the kind of viewership that you get.

    1. Your blog posts are very informative Geek. You will do better than me in the future for sure.

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