Monday, 15 January 2018

Increasing the savings

Hi All,
It is cold January. Flu season is on us. So, last weekend, I got the flu shot. I was concerned about the effectiveness of the shot. A little chit chat with the pharmacist put me on ease. The young lady told me the flu shot will not give me 100% protection. But, it will help to reduce the severity, in case I get the flu. The vaccine also give me some sort of immunity. She also said, the American and Canadian vaccines should not be the same. 

To me the vaccine is kind of protecting my ability to make more money. Since dental assistants won't get paid sick leaves, it is better to be healthy. On top of that, the vaccines are free. 

Since the minimum wages gone up, price of everything gone up too. The original plan was to live on one person's income. Since my spouse makes more than me, we were thinking to save my income and live on the other income. Since the other expenses went up and our income is staying the same, the plan is to save 50 to 75 % of my after tax income. Whatever dividend income is earned, it also going to get re invested. 

I am not sure it is going to work out that way. But, I am committed to move my money to another account when I get paid. Then, I am going to see how the bills are getting paid. 

What strategies you are trying to making sure there is some money saved?

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