Sunday, 28 January 2018

January investment

Hi All,

January is almost finishing. Since I chose to work full time during the week, there is not much time to watch the market.

I found that I can get one Friday a month to look after my investments. 
May be there is a way to do trading after hours. I haven't learned much about it.  Hope, one of my readers will help me to find out that. 

Now, I got a chance to buy Canadian Utilities for my TFSA. For people like me, who are lower income earners, maximizing TFSA is the first thing to do. So, I am concentrating more on my TFSA. The contribution room for this year is the same $5,500. 

Recently I checked my contribution room at CRA website. I have room to add $29,000. 

Let us talk about my investments for January: I bought Canadian Utilities (CU in TSX). 95 shares of CU can bring $133 in dividends . I have another utility company, AQN in my portfolio. I may not add more utilities to my portfolio. 
The next investment is on myself: Few courses from the e-learning category of Toronto public library. They have Safari,, Gale Courses and Mango learning. I am interested in the health care and medical courses offered by Gale courses. That way, I can learn things like handling emergency situations for free of cost. Another course interests me is Pain assessment and management. In the future, as time permits, I would love to learn about meditation techniques too.

What do you think of my recent investments? 


  1. After hour trading is generally very choppy. I tend to stay away, unless I need to take advantage of a particular stock moment. Happens rarely.

    1. I will keep that in mind. It is going to be hard to buy during the regular time.

  2. Hey Pell congrats on the new additions!

    Sounds like some good courses, anytime you can learn something new why not?



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