Sunday, 21 January 2018

Smarter Faster and Better : is that possible?

Hello All,
We are all in a world competing to get things done faster and better. We want to do things smarter than the person next to us.
Then, we are stuck with the sayings like " slow and steady wins". But, still we wanted to finish things faster and more effective.
I wanted to do things faster and accurate at my work place. 

Most of the time, we consider dental treatments are health care service. But, in the end, it is a business. The office has to make money to pay for every one working there. The bills are to be paid. The suppliers are to be paid. Then there should be left over money for the continuous running of the office.

As a dental assistant, I have to be smarter to hand out instruments and materials to the dentist while maintaining a dry environment for the dentist to work. Then, the assistant has to be faster and thorough in sterilizing the room, instruments and prepping the room for the next patient.  

So, when I saw the book titled" Smarter Faster and Better: The secretes of being productive in life and business" by Charles Duhigg, I wanted to read it.  I got it as ebook format and read it on my phone. 

The book is filled with stories of successful people. If you have set a goal and you can answer why you set that goal, then you will have more chances in achieving that goal. (is that a secret?)

Another tip I remember is to have a mental picture of the steps you need to do to get things done. That particularly helpful in my job. If I can keep moving in a planned method to clean up the room after treatment, I can be faster. The mental picture help me to to set up the room for each procedure effectively. 

Some of the tips in the book can be effectively used to save and invest too. It is more pleasant to buy things that we cannot afford and put them on credit card. If you know why you are saving money, then you can stick to your plan. You can break down your saving goal in manageable chunks so that you can reach your final goal one day. (Not a secret, right?)

Duhigg says the successful people study failures of other people. But in the book, I didn't see failure stories. The book is very engaging with its stories. 

Remember that Duhigg is a journalist and not a psychologist. There are no big secrets revealed in the book to be smarter, faster and better. Still, you can enjoy the book and may get one or two points to take with you. 

If you just don't have the time to read the book, but wish to get a summary of it, you can have it on Sam Thomas Davis's website. 


  1. Nice pell. Sounds like a good book. Always like hearing other successful peoples tips.

    The more you know......

    1. Thanks PCI for visiting. it is nice to read how others reaching their goals.

  2. I was at my dentist this week and appreciate the good care I received :) though as a client I wouldn't want them to work any faster!


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