Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hi All,
Can you believe it is middle of March already?
How you are feeling about the time? It is not waiting for anything, right?
In January, I was complaining about no time to do trading during the day. I was told by my readers that after hour trading is not great.
I found out a solution. My account with the bank will let me place the buy/sell in the evening. It will get executed the next day, when the market opens.

So, in February, I bought 96 shares of Power Financial. It is one of the dividend all star companies listed by Money sense.
Great west life is a subsidiary of PWF.
Last year, each quarter they gave 41.25 cents dividend per share. This year dividend declaration date is march 23. I am waiting to see how much it will be.
What do you think of my purchase? Do you own this company?


  1. Hey Nice buy.
    I bought 200 shares of this in January:

    Looking forward to my first DRIP as well...will only be 2 extra shares, but better than nothing :)

  2. Weren't you able to place "Good till cancel" orders before?


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