Monday, 2 April 2018

Busy yet Frugal

Hi all,
I am still here.
But, the mood to write is not there most of the time.
a longer commute is not really fun. It is stressful.
New workplace and new boss are clearly more stress.
Anyway, the 3 month probation is over.
There was no pay increase or anything when the probation is over. We are talking about working in dental office.
I have reduced my investment activities to once a month.
When I come back in the evening, I am really tired. Then in the morning, it is again back to work.
On top of that, I got a weekend job as well. That makes me really time starved. (The job is very lovely. I enjoy every minute of it.)

But, I still find time to pack my lunch and snacks. No, I haven't got the Netflix. But, I can see myself using the dryer a bit more than I would love to. But, the electricity bill remains almost the same. The plan is to do some planning to line dry clothes.
Travel time is purely dedicated for reading ebooks and meditation.
You may wonder how can somebody do meditation in a crowded train! But, it is actually possible: Just close the eyes and listen to the noises around you. That really calms me down. Another thing is, just listening to the breathing.

Starving for time means you have no time to wander in the mall. That means not spending on unnecessary things.

The grocery shopping is done by my "better half". A lot of cooking is done on Sundays. I can see my co-workers are spending for junk food most of the days.

So how you are doing with life?


  1. Hey Pell

    Sounds like you are really keeping busy! Meditating on a train is really impressive, dont think i could do it!

    Keep it up

  2. Reading your post reminded me of my former work life - it's hard to find just the right balance between work and home. One thing I did was hang a shower rod in my laundry room with lots of hangers, then when the wash was done I'd hang things on the shower rod to dry.


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