Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Passive Income, March 2018

Hi All,
It is a little late to write about what March brought to me. You know, the "better late than never" thingy?

So, I am going to write about it now.  The main point of this blog is to track my own passive income.

Anyway, I found some time to look on the investments we made.
We made $212.94 in March. It is only the dividend.
It is a bit less than that of February

This years goal is to put more into TFSA and try to maximize it.
Many people suggested that if you are in the lower end of middle class, then try to maximize the TFSA. If time and money permits, do the RRSP. Since the we still have to repay the loan on first time home buyers plan, i am going to put some money in to the RRSP accounts this year.

It is the tax season! I am thinking, you guys are already filed taxes.  We finished entering all the slips. No, a final check and then just a click on the button. With all my part time works, i still owe some tax money to CRA.
My husband needs a new password to check his CRA account. He requested it almost 4 weeks before. We are still waiting...

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