Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Toronto strong

Hi All,
Monday we all got stunned by the van attack. The answer to the question "Why" is slowly emerging. 
First of all, when the news flashed on the TV screen in the treatment room, I couldn't believe it. Then slowly the reality sank in.
Afternoon patients were getting late because of the delays in subway.
We don't wanted to deviate our attention because of the news. So, we changed channel. By the time I was out, the trains were not busy as usual. People were not so concerned or worried. Every one was in their own world. 

When reached home, I came to now about the terror. The stories of survivors were coming out. It felt so tragic. When Mayor was talking on the TV, there were young people behind him laughing and cheering. 

Then hubs decided to watch the games . People were having fun and were cheering for their team. It was another face of Toronto. It felt like nothing happened.

One of my patients talked about how close his son was to get hit by the van. The young boy had to witness the terror around him. He saw a lady got hit and fell on the ground. The boy cannot sleep for the last two days. 

Then, there were other people complaining about why police didn't shoot the van driver. There were others praising the cop for doing an exceptional job under stress.

How you feel about this tragedy? To me, I am not watching the news much. Just keep going as if nothing has changed. 
How you all are doing? What kind of feelings you are having?


  1. I'm glad the officer handled the "takedown" of the killer in a non-violent way. I'd rather he be punished in jail for the rest of his life than killed. He should have to feel sorrow, regret and pain every day for the rest of his life.

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